Why Use a Loyalty Program?

By February 10, 2014 Uncategorized


Currently less than 40% of small businesses offer a customer loyalty program, and out of the ones who do, more than half use an old paper-based punch card solution. Meanwhile, the latest research shows that:

  • 47% of consumers wish more stores offered mobile-based loyalty programs
  • 94% of members prefer to receive communication from the loyalty programs they participate in, and 57% say they always read that communication
  • 47% of consumers would choose to shop at a store that offers a loyalty program over a store that does not
  • On average, consumers are members of 7.4 loyalty programs

Clearly, consumers are motivated by a robust loyalty program, and more businesses should offer more incentives to improve sales and customer satisfaction.

Benefits of the our Mobile Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are currently the hallmark of large, successful enterprises, but they entail difficult custom development work, high budgets and planning. For small businesses the necessary capital and labor resources needed to make this function is not readily available. Local Linx Mobile Marketing’s Loyalty Program module was built to address these key customer loyalty expectations for the business:

  •    Increased spending from existing customers
  • Reduced natural churn rate of customers through better retention
  • Granular loyalty tracking based on points (for spending or other actions taken by customers), and not “punches” on a card
  • Secure points submission and redemption process (only authorized employees can submit points and redeem rewards)
  • Easy member registration process that can be achieved on their mobile devices or any browser-enabled device (tablets, computers)
  • Collect customer contact information (email address) at registration for future reach
  • Highly flexible presentation design of the mobile interface for the loyalty program
  • Customized reports on transaction history and customer behavior (for personalized offers and communication)



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