85% of smart phone users have searched for local information


60% of smart phone users will leave your site and go to the competition if it's not mobile friendly


81% of mobile users call a business after using their mobile friendly site


40% of mobile users visit a business instore after searching on the web


57% of users say thy won't recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile website


over 40% of mobile users have turned to a competitors website after a bad mobile experience




Mobile Websites

As the mobile industry continues to grow, more and more business owners are realizing the benefits to owning a mobile website. They are simple to maintain, are cost-friendly, and can drastically increase customer engagement.


Gain the Competitive Edge

The main reason why mobile websites are preferred by small businesses is because they are providing them with an edge over the competition. If a website isn’t “Mobile Friendly” then company owners are going to miss out on a large amount of potential customers. A mobile website also makes a better first impression and will provide an overall friendlier experience for the user.

Expand Company Reach

 Creating a mobile website generates a lot more reach for your company. Visitors will be able to check out your site, despite their physical location. Considering that the majority of the population is going 100% mobile, it would be a good idea to develop a website that caters to those individuals.

Improved SEO

Google, as well as other search engines, will rank websites according to the amount of value that they offer. If a business website isn’t mobile friendly then there is a good chance that it won’t be ranked as high as you’d like. In order to create customer engagement, business owners should incorporate location-based and click-to-call features onto their sites. This makes it easier for customers to find and contact them

Mobile Website Tips

Here are a few fundamental tips that should be remembered when creating a mobile website for your business:


Responsive Designs

Design is everything when it comes to developing a useful mobile website for your business. Responsive designs in particular are designed to work across a wide range of platforms and will load much quicker than standard templates.

Optimized Content

Make sure that you prioritize your menus and content and only display what you need to. In short, you want to make your site as minimal as possible and provide information that’s relevant to your services.

Calls to Action

Whenever a visitor visits your mobile site, encourage them to take an action of some kind. For instance, you could acquire their contact information, ask them to like your social media page, or have them download mobile coupons.

Mobile websites are all about functionality and ease-of-use. Remember that most people don’t want to waste a lot of time browsing through your site. They typically have a purpose, such as acquiring your phone number or finding out where you are located. Make your site easier to navigate by providing as minimal information as you can.


Mobile technology and the use of mobile devices is becoming more common each and every year. A recent study provided by Google concluded that close to 60% of people won’t use a particular service if their website isn’t friendly with mobile devices. For this reason, both larger and smaller companies are hopping on the mobile revolution. Creating a mobile website is the best way to reach consumers from all over the world and increase profits for your business.