Who Are We?

A Professional team of Web Designers, Graphic Designers and Mobile Marketing experts, whom has been involved in the Internet since the mid 90’s when it first launched to the public. Having always had a keen interest in promoting businesses and their services this agency has been formed by passion and forward thinking and a good solid background in Sales & Marketing. Local Linx works closely with their clients in order to assess exactly where they are in their marketing strategy and make a tailored plan for success. Also bridging the gap between Designer and client, Local Linx Marketing understands the technical procedures and can relay these back to the client in non jargon form. Specialising in Web Design (Desktop, E-Commerce), Social Media Design, implementation of online marketing strategies such as email marketing.


The Team really enjoys the variety of requests made by each client, making each work day different and challenging, so they are always learning and striving forward in an ever changing and exciting industry!

Our Skills



Graphic Design


Responsive Web Design


Web Design


Video Marketing